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An exercise to facilitate self-awareness, deepen engagement and relationships, stimulate creativity in personal expression, and connections between intellectual reflection and personal experience.


How to Build Safety In a Group

If the facilitator and the group do a good job of building safety, then the participants will frequently go out of their comfort zone in order to stretch and grow. This document outlines techniques for developing security within a group.


Defining Consensus

This tool enables a group to arrive at a shared definition of consensus and
to work together and strengthen relationships before dealing with decision-making.

Resource manual for a living revolution

Resource manual for a living revolution

By: Virginia Coover, Ellen Deacon, Charles Esser & Christopher Moore

An all time favourite of activist educators. Nicknamed ‘the Monster Manual’ this trainers’ manual made a big impact in Australian social change movements during the 1970s when it was used by trainers during the Franklin dam blockade. Coover and her co-authors were active members of the Quaker network Movement for a New Society. It remains…