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July 28, 2020

Cutting the issue: Why campaign on part of a problem?

The Change Agency team have been teaching campaigners to ‘cut the issue’ for 15 years. This strategising process challenges campaigners to differentiate between problems and issues. An issue is part of the problem, and also part of the solution. Our People Power Campaign Strategy Training Guide illustrates this distinction with examples. Under-funded public health is…


Cutting the issue

It’s next to impossible to make a difference on a huge problem. How you ‘cut’ the problem into issues will influence your prospects of success, and the consequent impact. What parts of the problem (and the solution) are amenable to your influence?

Strategising for change

This workshop introduces a suite of practical tools for developing and evaluating campaign strategy. Workshop participants apply these tools to real-life problems to develop realistic strategies and tactics. The tools are suitable for both small grassroots groups and larger professional advocacy organisations. Many of those who have participated in the SfC workshop say that it…

Social Movement Technologies
General News

June 1, 2020

Apply now for SMT’s Digital Campaigning Certificate

Discounted registration is now available for the 9-month Digital Campaigning Certificate with Social Movement Technologies starting September 2020. The SMT team are recruiting an Australia-Pacific cohort and have generously offered registrations at one-third the regular rate. Sessions start in September with the option of monthly discussion sessions for an Australian cohort. All 30 sessions will…