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U.S. activist-educator Bill Moyer conceived Movement Action Plan (MAP) to explain and explore the stages and advocacy roles evident in successful social movements. The model’s apparent simplicity may hold the key to its appeal and practical application to activists who seek to analyse, plan and enhance their campaigns. This workshop introduces the key components of…

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June 19, 2017

Moved to Action: Joel Dignam’s review of Hahrie Han’s text

Hahrie Han’s Moved to Action (published in 2009) tackles the question of what motivates political participation by people who face significant barriers to participation. While some people have many resources that facilitate political participation (education, wealth, a political awareness), others don’t – and yet they still, in certain circumstances, become politically engaged. What’s going on? Han…

Climate action: a campaign manual for greenhouse solutions

Climate action: a campaign manual for greenhouse solutions

“The word academic is synonymous for irrelevant”, declared Saul Alinsky, the influential Chicago activist-educator. A notable exception to Alinsky’s rule is Mark Diesendorf, author of ‘Climate Action: A campaign manual for greenhouse solutions’. Diesendorf is Deputy Director of the Institute of Environmental Studies at the University of New South Wales. Alinsky would admire Diesendorf’s academic…