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June 3, 2020 | By: James Whelan


The Change Agency website has been described as a “treasure trove”, a “one-stop shop” and a “best friend in the drawer”. It’s an extensive resource collection built over two decade. Definitely more than meets the eye.

There are multiple ways to find what you’re looking for. The ‘search this site’ window appears on every page. It searches within pages, links and downloads, so it’s not a bad search method. But there’s a more powerful search method. Our ‘build your own campaign toolkit’ allows you to select one or more of 86 categories that we’ve used to tag everyone in our resource collection.

Next, specify the kind of resources you’re looking for: blogs, books, web links or downloads. We generally recommend skipping this step, so your search is as broad as possible. Hit ‘search resources’ and you’ll generate a list of the available resources that correspond to your selected tags or topics.

Here are a few campaign toolkits, to give you a sense of the library’s breadth.

Our toolkit on ‘digital campaigning’ has 62 resources, you’ll find 84 resources tagged ‘facilitation’ and a whopping 153 on community organising.

You can be more specific. Search for resources on ‘Aboriginal rights’ and ‘social movements’. The results include the terrific Koori political history timeline and a website about Iain McIntyre’s excellent book ‘How to make trouble and influence people’. A search for ‘climate action’ and ‘case studies’ creates a toolkit with four case studies of climate-focused campaigns.

Any time you don’t find what you’re looking for, let us know! We’re always happy to expand the collection. Drop James a line to propose an online resource, workshop or publication you think will be useful for other public interest organisers and campaigners.

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James Whelan

James Whelan

James is co-founder of the Change Agency and director of our Community Organising Fellowship.

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