Civil Resistance workshop | Monday 6 April, Brisbane

Civil Resistance workshop | Monday 6 April, Brisbane

Date: 06/04/2020 - 06/04/2020

Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00pm
Location: Common Ground, 14 Hope Street, West End
Event Format: 1 day workshop
Event Host: Pasifika and the Change Agency

This participatory workshop will equip you with tools and confidence to strategise for social and environmental justice.

You know parliament has failed to deliver justice. You don’t trust corporations but you’re not ready to give up. Between joining the system and burning it down is another way: civil resistance.

This workshop from tCA and Pasifika will test some of the tools that comprise our forthcoming third People Power Manual guide. Civil resistance, also known as nonviolent resistance, nonviolent action, NVDA and people power, is, as our friend and comrade Stellan Vinthagen writes, action against violence and without violence.

We think of civil resistance as not just a tactic, but a holistic approach to change, one that benefits from both strategy and community organising, in order to maximise its extra-parliamentary and collective power.

This one-day workshop explores the theory and practice of civil resistance. We make space for learning through doing, including participating in a practice action for climate justice.

Workshop themes include:

  • What civil resistance is, what it is not, and how it differs and is similar to other approaches to change
  • Power, the pillars of support, and why people obey
  • Nonviolent tactics
  • Dealing with the police and de-escalating threats
  • Stories that inspire

This workshop is for anyone who wants to explore the power of civil resistance to win tangible victories for local communities and the environment. It will also be of particular interest to those people who have or are considering engaging in direct action.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander campaigners are especially encouraged to participate. Full scholarships are available on request.

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About the lead facilitator

Jason MacLeod is an educator, organiser and researcher with over thirty years of activist education and campaigning experience in Australia, Asia and Oceania. For twenty-five years he has been accompanying the nonviolent struggle in West Papua, primarily as a civil resistance educator. He helped train activists in Hong Kong, Tonga and Myanmar. He has been active in the climate justice movement, the East Timor, Bougainville and Aboriginal movements for self-determination, and has spent time in jail for organising and participating in nonviolent action, both in Australia and overseas. He is a Quaker and descendant of crofters from the Isle of Lewis, Scotland. He currently resides on Jagera land, in Meanjin (Brisbane), where he is part of a co-housing settlement. Whenever possible he likes to fly his paraglider off mountains.