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People Power Manual cover

September 13, 2015

Campaign Strategy Guide: ‘How to’ guides for organisers and activist educators

The Campaign Strategy Guide was the first instalment of the People Power Manual, a resource created for activist educators and facilitators. Campaign strategy needn’t be mystifying, lonely or stressful. Social movements become more powerful as more people are equipped to analyse their political context, consider paths to change and mindfully plan tactics. The Campaign Strategy Guide equips…

nonviolence unbound
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August 13, 2015

Nonviolence unbound: Brian Martin’s latest

Rallies, strikes, boycotts, sit-ins – these and other methods of nonviolent action can be used to bring down dictators. Nonviolence Unbound shows how insights into what makes nonviolent action effective can be applied to four completely different arenas: defending against verbal abuse, responding to online defamatory pictures, and engaging in the struggles over euthanasia and vaccination. This…

Raoul Wallenberg
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July 28, 2015

Nominations now open for the NSW Human Rights Award

Human rights activists across Australia are encouraged to nominate now for the NSW Human Rights Award, with entries closing on Friday, 21 August 2015. The NSW Human Rights Award pays tribute to a person who has made a meaningful and lasting contribution to the advancement of human rights.  The NSW Government supports the tireless efforts…

Randy Stoecker
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June 21, 2015

Thank you, Randy

Since the mid 1990s, Randy Stoecker has created and shared the awesome Comm-Org list-serve. At a time when e-groups were new and (in Australia, at least), sharing resources about community organising was radical pioneering work, Randy collated, curated and disseminated a growing collection of case studies, a calendar of workshops and conferences, and research papers written by and for…

divestment day crowd

April 8, 2015

Community Organising graduate profile: Mike Pulsford

Michael Pulsford (centre) is a graduate of the 2014 Fellowship program and is currently a community organiser with the Australian Conservation Foundation. Why is community organising an important part of the solution in my community? Climate change, in 2015, is a problem of power: the climate movement has less power than we need to win what we…

SEED dancers at flotilla_small

March 12, 2015

Community Organising Graduate Profile: Millie Telford

Millie Telford (at left in this photo) is a graduate of the 2014 Fellowship program and is currently the Director of the Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network. Why is community organising an important part of the solution in my community? People are our most valuable resource as a movement. I truly believe that if we can organise ourselves…

What do community organisers DO
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February 16, 2015

What do community organisers DO?

Organisers are sometimes described as ‘Jack of all trades’. It can be a complex and demanding role. To make sense of the role, the Change Agency synthesised recent position descriptions developed by social movement groups. We then cross-referenced that with education and training programs to identify eleven key attributes and skills associated with powerful organising work:…

education vs training
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Education or training? What’s the difference and why does it matter?

Training prepares people to do simple tasks reliably. It’s generally very practical and focuses on the competent completion of tasks. Education develops skills and knowledge. It involves forming and communicating ideas, developing and challenging understandings and learning to conceptualise and solve problems. Community organising and campaigning are not basic skills or competencies that can be learnt through…