Community Organising Fellowship update

May 11, 2015 | By: James Whelan


We’ve just returned from the second workshop in this year’s Fellowship. We gathered at Commonground where campaigners and organisers have strategised and connected for more than 20 years. Our key themes were cultural awareness, diversity and privilege, corporate campaigning, electoral organising and facilitation.

Participants’ highlights included:

  • There was a strong sense of a safe space to discuss complex and challenging issues 
  • I picked up pearls of wisdom… the principle of working towards a win in the early stages, the importance of mobilising a constituency and not just getting a message to the target, in an accountability session it’s important to seek common ground with the target, the importance of good facilitation at meetings.
  • I really appreciate the pool of knowledge, insight, compassion and patience of all the facilitators
  • It was great to explore, celebrate and learn from our rich history of Aboriginal activism

We’re now inviting expressions of interest in next year’s fellowship. Details here >


About the Author

James Whelan

James Whelan

James is co-founder of the Change Agency and director of our Community Organising Fellowship.

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