Finding an (activist education) needle in a haystack

December 14, 2018 | By: James Whelan


The Change Agency website is a large and growing library of more than 3000 activist education resources. Most activists and organisers are literally drowning in extraneous information and pressed for time, so it’s crucial that we can quickly find just the information we need.  There are three ways to find just what you’re looking for on tCA’s website:

(1) Type key words into the ‘search the site’ box that appears on every page. This will search file names, descriptions and contents.
(2) Our site has structured pages on key themes such as ‘strategy‘ and ‘political analysis‘. Go directly to these pages using the site map at the bottom of the page.
(3) Alternatively, you can ‘build your own toolkit’ by selecting from a list of topics and specifying the resource type. This is the most powerful way to search and allows you to be very specific. All the resources that we host or link to have been tagged to help you find what’s most helpful to you or your organisation. To generate a list of resources, select one or more of the tags on this page.

The more tags or categories you select, the more specific your search will be. For instance, by clicking on the ‘strategy’ and ‘communication’ tags, you will create a list of resources that are about both strategy AND communication. You can also filter by the resource types that you want to list. The options are to search blog posts, web Links, PDF downloads, books and/or workshops. By not specifying one or more resource types, you search ALL.

And please think of us when you develop or stumble on a terrific resource that supports your campaigning and learning. Drop us a line.

About the Author

James Whelan

James Whelan

James is co-founder of the Change Agency and director of our Community Organising Fellowship.

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