Relational organising and transactional mobilising

December 1, 2016 | By: James Whelan

tactics cards

How can we maximise the relational potential of tactics that are primarily designed to turn people out for our rallies and other public events? How can we harness the power of shared interests and values when we’re focused on organising events to show numbers?

For the Organise conference in Sydney, James and Fee designed and experimented with this 90 minute workshop. The workshop blends personal reflection, large group discussion, sharing definitions and a practical small group task. The process guide missed the publishing deadline for our Community Organising training guide, but perhaps we’ll squeeze it in to the reprint in 2017.

If you lead this workshop, we’d value feedback.

Download here > Process guide | Relational and transactional approaches

About the Author

James Whelan

James Whelan

James is co-founder of the Change Agency and director of our Community Organising Fellowship.

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