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Campaign strategy as a house

Strategy as a House is a basic mud map to help you and your team develop a campaign strategy. The foundation of a robust strategy is an understanding of context and a rigorous understanding of the problem you seek to remedy. Next, you’ll need an analysis of issues that are part of the problem and part of the solution. On this foundation, you can construct a theory of change and an understanding of how power is exercised around this issue, an analysis of decision-makers, allies and influencers. Finally the roof – our tactics. 

Power mapping template

Who can make the decision you need to influence (your primary target)? Who influences them (your secondary targets)? Who use exercises influence for/against this decision? A power map is a simple yet powerful tool to map decision makers and focus your energy where it makes the greatest impact. Here’s a basic MS Word template to construct your campaign’s power map.

Critical path analysis template

What interim outcomes or smaller changes do you expect you’ll need to achieve along the road to achieving your campaign objective? A critical path can help keep your team focused. Here’s an MS Word template to fast-track the process of creating your campaign’s critical path analysis.

Campaign strategy template

This template simplifies the process of developing a campaign strategy, with 14 headings in a logical sequence and practical advice for developing each element of strategy. tCA’s website also has MS Word templates for critical path analysis and power map.

General News

December 20, 2017

Stop Adani and the Suffragettes: Reflections on targets and tactics [Joel Dignam]

The 2017 Queensland state election took place against a proposed new coal mine in Queensland, and a concerted national campaign against it. The mine’s proponent was Adani Group, of India, and the opponents: Stop Adani. Before the Queensland state election campaign began, Stop Adani succeeded in pushing Australia’s big four banks to rule out financing…