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manual launch
General News

September 29, 2015

Launching our Campaign strategy guide: Instalment #1 of the ‘People Power’ manual

We launched our Campaign Strategy Guide last week at the Organise 2015 conference in Sydney.Co-author of the Guide, Jason MacLeod, described how many of the 24 how-to process guides contained in our new publication are being used by activists in Australia and the Pacific. Advocacy Coach and all-round movement builder Anita Tang gave the guide her…


Assessing policy windows

This 90 minute workshop draws on John Kingdon’s theories about policy windows and a set of nine ‘conditions’ that increase the chances that our policy advocacy campaigns will succeed. Participants reflect on and critically analyse their current campaigns, and consider how best to build alliances, connect with champions and create the political space for just and sustainable policies.


Relational meetings

“A relational meeting as an encounter that is face-to-face – one to one – for the purpose of exploring the development of a purposeful relationship. You’re searching for talent, energy, insight and relationships…. Without hundreds and thousands of such meetings, people cannot forge lasting public relationship based on solid social knowledge or build lasting citizens organisations. Properly understood, it’s not a science, not a technique, but an art form. It’s one organised spirit going after another person’s spirit for connection, confrontation, and an exchange of talent and energy.” (Edward T Chambers, ‘Roots to Power’)